A simple API to use logging features in Lua. Portuguese version.


LuaLogging provides a simple API to use logging features in Lua. Its design was based on log4j. LuaLogging currently supports, through the use of appenders, console, file, email, socket and sql outputs.

LuaLogging is free software and uses the same license as Lua 5.1. It is part of the Kepler Project.


Current version is 1.2.0. It was developed for Lua 5.1.


LuaLogging can be downloaded from its GitHub downloads page.


LuaLogging dependencies can be separated by the used appenders:

LuaLogging Core, Console and File appenders
Socket and Email appenders
SQL appender


1.2.0 [20/Apr/2011]
Improved performance of logging.
Added Rolling File Appender.
1.1.4 [30/Oct/2007]
Fixed bug [#1719] - inefficient handling of file loggers (Patch by Jürgen Hötzel).
1.1.3 [08/Aug/2007]
New makefile for Windows (using nmake) and configure script for Unix.
1.1.2 [14/Aug/2006]
Fixed a bug found by Carlos Augusto where tostring() was being incorrectly used with numbers.
1.1.1 [31/Mar/2006]
1.1.0 [12/Nov/2004]
1.0.0 [02/Jul/2004]


LuaLogging 1.1.x was designed by Danilo Tuler and Thiago Ponte and implemented by Thiago Ponte.

LuaLogging 1.0.0 was designed by Danilo Tuler (and log4j) and implemented by Danilo Tuler and André Carregal.


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